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Damon Medlen of D.M. & Co. has established himself as one of the preeminent designers in the hospitality market. Self-taught, his inherent understanding of space, architecture, furniture, design and style translates to every project he and his team design. Damon's passion for design is fueled by his need to be surrounded by objects and interiors that inspire and please the senses. Thus making him and his team a perfect fit for the commercial world of design.

Upon arriving in the early eighties, and after a few years spent at the finer haberdashers on the famed Rodeo Drive, Damon met the person who would change his life forever - award winning, film production designer George Costello. After viewing his "Pallette" space, Damon was instantly offered a job as assistant decorator on Mr. Castello's next film, "The Terminator". Throughout the next fifteen years Damon honed his craft as a set decorator working with some of Hollywood's most notable studios and directors. It is during this time that he acquired his taste for designing public spaces. Film sets are typically made up of seventy percent commercial against thirty percent residential. Now on a permanent hiatus from the film business, Damon has decided to take his firm to the next level. And this level is a complete start to finish design firm. It's chief objective being to oversee and be included in all and every detail, no matter how small they may seem. A first in the design field. Sort of, a one stop shopping plan.

As well as creating the interiors for a handful of notable homes in the Hollywood area. Damon's style is classic, with a hint of the dramatic. This obviously being a leftover from his years spent on movie sets. But now, he and his firm have decided to concentrate only in the hospitality arena. A plus for all new commercial venues.